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eartrip 1 now available as hard copy

I’ve had some comments about the difficulty of reading 200 pages off a screen, and asking about hard-copy options. Well, for those who had those problems, and for those who like to have a physical object in their hands, ‘Eartrip’ has now been set up as a project at online publisher lulu (thanks, once again, to Dick Bowman). It’ll come in A5, black and white, paperback book format. Cost to the UK is just over £8, including P & P costs (from Spain).

In case anyone’s wondering, no one’s getting any money from this about from At least at this stage, I’m not really comfortable with running ‘Eartrip’ for profit.

Here’s the link:

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Studying Part II English at Cambridge University, I present 'One Step Beyond', a radio show on CUR1350 (Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin Student Radio), and am a member of The Cambridge Free Improvisation Society.

2 responses to “eartrip 1 now available as hard copy

  1. Rod... ⋅

    This is a good idea – I’ve bought a couple of books from Lulu – (have a cd up on it as well) – the initial registering is a drag but the product is worth it – they do a pretty good job and it means you can get out print copies without the cash outlay…

  2. justahalf ⋅

    I get a hardcopy and I’ll do it for the next issues 😉 That’s a good idea, thank you

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