Sound Journey: Eartrip Compilation # 1


A first for the magazine, this MP3 compilation collects pieces by a diverse range of improvising musicians. The performers are: Alexander Hawkins, Anthony Whiteford, David Curington, Dominic Lash, Graham Mackeachen, The Improvising Clarinet Ensemble (I-C-E), Ilia Belorukov, Styles Kauphmann, Skarabee, Stet Lab, and The Cambridge Free Improvisation Society. Performances were recorded in England, Ireland, and Russia.

I’m sure many readers have a fairly substantial collection of free CDs collected from years of magazine subscriptions: some rare and rather exciting in their zany selection of tracks, some containing performances of genuine and lasting worth. Well here’s another: the first eartrip compilation album. Of course, as eartrip is internet-based, this makes it a little different from the usual free CD: ‘sound journey’ is available as an MP3 release rather than a physical object, although artwork and additional information is provided along with the MP3s, so that you can burn your own copy, if you so desire. In any case, rather than a mere supplement or add-on to this issue, I’d like to consider this an integral part of the magazine. The album, and further information, can be downloaded from the following locations:

The track-list is as follows:

  1. The Cambridge Free Improvisation Society – Michaelhouse (9:22)

  2. David Curington – Cambridge Improvisation No. 2c (30/1/09) (3:21)

  3. I-C-E (The Improvising Clarinet Ensemble) – Green Tea and Acid (3:26)

  4. Skarabee – Ghostly (3:53)

  5. Graham Mackeachan – ghosts before breakfast (2:18)

  6. Stet Lab – Has ‘It’ Happened? (9:44)

  7. Ilia Belorukov – Alto Sax Improvisation (6:10)

  8. Dominic Lash – Hatch (5:56)

  9. Mark Anthony Whiteford – radio breath (10:00)

  10. Styles J. Kauphmann – acoustic improvisation: solo voice (excerpt) (9:58)

  11. Alexander Hawkins – Isfahan (9:07)

3 responses to “Sound Journey: Eartrip Compilation # 1

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  2. Thanks for including us (the December ’08 Stet Labiteers). It’s gratifying to be sharing (virtual) space on this compilation with such interesting and exciting practitioners from far afield.

    And congratulations on this first mp3 companion, hope there are many more to come.

  3. stuart ⋅

    Enjoyed listening to the compilation david, its good to hear others are creating interesting and diverse free sounds. this music is enriched by this i feel.
    thanks for my inclusion.

    hope theres more in the future.

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