Issue Summaries and PDFs

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ISSUE 1 (March 2008). 204 pages.

  5. (hard copy)


  • Editorial
  • ‘Free Improvisation: The Unfolding Continuum’, by Andy Martin
  • ‘Downtown Music: William Parker’, by Daniel Huppatz
  • ‘Cecil Taylor and Anthony Braxton: Four Days in Italy’, by Anthony Whiteford
  • ‘Beware of the Blogs’, by David Grundy
  • “Let’s Not Have Barriers Where We Can Avoid Them”: An Interview with Mike and Kate Westbrook
  • Paul Rutherford Tribute (Trevor Watts, Veryan Weston, Mike and Kate Westbrook)
  • CD Reviews: Including Top 10 CDs of 2007
  • Gig Reviews: Anthony Braxton/Cecil Taylor; Ornette Coleman; Charles Gayle; Joshua Redman; Sonny Simmons & Tight Meat + Jooklo Duo

ISSUE 2 (September 2008). 137 pages

  4. (hard copy)


  • Editorial
  • ‘Politics and Jazz: Radical Politics, Radical Music?’ – MP3 feature by Anthony Whiteford
  • ‘Music is the Healing Force of the Universe: The Differing Statuses of Modernism in Visual Art and Music’, by David Grundy
  • ‘Why I (Still) Dig John Zorn’, by centrifuge
  • “Staying Open to Possibilities”: An Interview with Hugh Hopper
  • An Interview with Alexander Hawkins
  • Youtube Watch: Alan Wilkinson, Phil Minton/Veryan Weston, John Tchicai and Cadentia Nova Danica, Art Ensemble of Chicago/ Cecil Taylor, New York New York Art Quartet
  • CD Reviews: Including The Convergence Quartet, fURT plus, Chris Welcome, Guiseppi Logan, Billy Harper, George Lewis AACM Book
  • Gig Reviews: Hugh Hopper/Delta Saxophone Quartet; Wayne Shorter Quartet; Bevan/Corsano/Lash; Satoko Fujji Min-Yoh Ensemble

ISSUE 3 (March 2009). 89 pages



  • Editorial (Freddie Hubbard Tribute)
  • Sound Journey: Eartrip Compilation # 1 (Supplementary MP3 album)
  • Paul Desmond (Part One), by Dr Martin Luther Blisset
  • Answered Instantly, by David Grundy
  • Thoughts on Pharoah Sanders’ ‘Tauhid’, by David Grundy
  • Sane Hysteria: The Music of Ghedalia Tazartes, by David Grundy
  • Berlin November 2008: Visions Sounds Meetings, by Mark Anthony Whiteford [Report on FMP Total Music Meeting, etc]
  • An Interview with Graham Collier
  • Youtube Watch: Mingus, Abe, Barkingside, Brotzmann
  • CD Reviews: Including Bill Dixon, Matthew Herbert Big Band, Stephen O’ Malley, Ken Hyder’s Talisker, Henry Grimes’ poetry
  • Gig Reviews: Sun Ra Arkestra; Toot; Evan Parker Quartet; Flower/Corsano Duo; Mixed Receptions (John Cage, etc)

ISSUE 4 (August 2009). 98 pages


  • Editorial
  • Second Journey: Eartrip Compilation # 2 (Supplementary MP3 album)
  • Paul Desmond (Part Two), by Dr Martin Luther Blisset
  • Some Thoughts on ‘Extremity’ in Free Improvisation, by David Grundy
  • Headphonica: Label Overview, by David Grundy
  • An Interview with John Russell
  • Youtube Watch: Sun Ra, Ellington, Evans, Dolphy, Dunois Jazz
  • CD Reviews: Including Trevor Watts, Weasel Walter, Seymour Wright and Jimmy Woods.
  • Gig Reviews: Ornette Coleman’s Meltdown Festival, The Convergence Quartet, Vienne Jazz Festival

ISSUE 5 (March 2010). 136 pages


  • Editorial
  • Paul Desmond (Part Three), by Dr Martin Luther Blisset
  • An Appreciation of Sergey Kuryokhin: On the Occasion of a Reissue of ‘Some Combinations of Fingers and Passion’, by Seth Watter
  • Gender and Music: ‘In Our Different Rhythms Together’, by David Grundy
  • Youtube Watch: Shabaka Hutchings/Tania Chen/Mark Sanders, Cecil McBee, John Klemmer, Lucio Capece/Christian Kesten
  • CD Reviews: Including Wadada Leo Smith, Bill Dixon, Joel Futterman, Darcy James Argue and Gigantomachia.
  • Book Reviews: Martin Williams on ‘Kind of Blue’, Free Jazz Cover Art, ‘Noise and Capitalism’ (ed. Mattin)
  • Gig Reviews: Gannets + Phil Waschmann/Chris Stubbs, Sunn O)))

ISSUE 6 (March 2011). 169 pages


  • Editorial (On ‘Free Time’)
  • Feature: Improv Collectives (Oxford Improvisers/ BIC)
  • “A Man Walking Into the Future Backwards”: Marion Brown, the
    American South, and ‘Afternoon of a Georgia Faun’, by David Grundy
  • Peter Brötzmann and Keith Rowe: The Art of the Improviser
    (As Witnessed in the Artist-Curated Exhibition That Is the Gallery
    of Their Record Covers), by Lutz Eitel
  • Youtube Watch: Don Cherry Special
  • CD Reviews: Including Autechre, Diatribes, Giuseppi Logan, Lee Konitz,  Patty Waters, Sonny Simmons.
  • Gig Reviews:  Squint,  Freedom of the City, Wandelweiser, John Tchicai

ISSUE 7 (April 2012). 163 pages


  • Editorial
  • Listening to Sachiko M, by David Grundy
  • The Drop at the Foot of the Ladder: Music Ends and Meanings of Performances I haven’t been to, Fluxus and Today, by Lutz Eitel
  • John Coltrane – Live in Seattle, by David Grundy & Sean Bonney
  • Interview – The Rent, by Ted Harms
  • Youtube Watch: Billy Harper Special
  • CD Reviews: Including Gerald Cleaver, Charles Gayle, Roscoe Mitchell.
  • Gig Reviews:  Pharoah Sanders, Koboku Senju, Keith Rowe, Nate Wooley / Paul Lytton, etc.
  • Round-Up: Inter-issue Miscellanea

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