Youtube Watch

As eartrip is an internet-based magazine, I thought it would make sense to include this as a regular feature. Youtube is a fantastic resource in terms of the jazz and improvisation videos it hosts, from the vintage to the modern: each issue will present a brief sample of some of the best clips that I’ve come across over the past few months.

Youtube Watch – Issue 2(September 2008)

  • Wilkinson/ Thomas/ Noble/ Coxon @ The Vortex
  • Wilkinson/ Thomas/ Noble/ Coxon @ Flim Flam
  • Phil Minton/ Veran Weston – The Cutty Wren
  • John Tchicai & Cadentia Nova Danica feat. Piet Kuiters
  • Art Ensemble of Chicago / Cecil Taylor
  • New York New York Art Quartet

youtube watch – issue 3 (March 2009)

  • Charles Mingus Quintet – Flowers for a Lady
  • Kaoru Abe Solo (2 Videos)
  • Barkingside @ Mopomoso
  • Peter Brotzmann/ Ken Vandermark/ Paale Nilssen-Love

Youtube Watch – Issue 4 (August 2009)

  • Duke Ellington (featuring Harry Carney)
  • Dunois Jazz Channel
  • Bill Evans
  • Eric Dolphy Cartoon Soundtarck (‘Re-Sonorisation’)
  • Sun Ra

Youtube Watch – Issue 5 (March 2010)

  • Shabaka Hutchings/Tania Chen/Mark Sanders
  • Cecil McBee
  • John Klemmer
  • Lucio Capece/Christian Kesten

Youtube Watch – Issue 6 (March 2011)

  • Don Cherry Special

Youtube Watch – Issue 7 (April 2012)

  • Billy Harper Special

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