Contributor Profiles

This is a list of all contributors, past and present, to ‘eartrip’. Many of them have websites and projects of their own: please take the time to check them out.

Issue One

  • Michael Ardaiolo’s music criticism can be viewed at the ‘Audiversity’ blog.
  • Marcello Cellan– Marcello’s music criticism can be viewed at ‘The Blue in the Air’ and ‘Church of Me’.
  • Centrifuge runs ‘If You Know What I’m Saying’, a blog devoted to his writing on the music of Anthony Braxton (
  • Andrew Forbes – Andrew runs a blog entitled ‘This is Our Music.’
  • Stef Gijssels runs the ‘Stef’s Free Jazz reviews’ blog (, from which his contributions here are taken.
  • David Grundy, the editor of this magazine, is a recent graduate of Cambridge University. He is involved in free improvisation in Bristol, Cheltenham, & Oxford.
  • Dan Huppatz, originally from Melbourne, Australia, spent some time teaching at an art college in New York: hence his familiarity with the city’s ‘Downtown’ scene.
  • Noa Corcoran-Tadd studied Archeology and Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, and presented various musical and experimental shows on Cambridge Student Radio (CUR1350).
  • Alexander Kindness is a member of I-C-E (the Improvising Clarinet Ensemble) and the trio Kindness/ May/ Lash (with percussionist Paul May and bassist Dominic Lash).
  • Henry Kuntz is an improvising saxophonist, who has issued a number of CDs, and who ran the journal ‘Bells’ in the 1970s, which focussed on free jazz in America at the time. ‘Bells’ is currently available online at the m-etropolis blog.
  • Will Layman writes on jazz for the online cultural criticism magazine ‘Pop Matters.’
  • Andy Martin has written essays for a number of publications; he was editor of the magazine ‘SMILE’ for 26 issues. Along with Dave Fanning he has been a member of the groups Apostle 23 and, most recently, Unit. This latter group gave a performance at the 2007 Freedom of the City festival which sparked the article included here.
  • Daniel Melnick’s writing can be viewed at the ‘Soundslope’ blog.
  • Massimo Ricci writes reviews for Paris Transatlantic and for his own ‘Touching Extremes’ blog.
  • Ian Thumwood, a keen football fan, birdwatcher and amateur pianist, has an extensive knowledge of the history and practice of jazz.
  • Rod Warner is a musician, and runs the ‘Words and Music’ blog
  • Mark Anthony Whiteford has been involved in free-improvisation since the 1980s with the Bristol Improvisers Collective and subsequently with Zariba. His super-8 film/performance project ‘Act of Love’ was recently revived in Brighton.

Issue Two

  • Noa Corcoran-Tadd (See Issue 1)
  • Roger Farbey, a jazz critic, runs the ‘Ian Carr + Nucleus’ website ( and ‘Remember Tubbs: A Tubby Hayes Website’ ( He has also published ‘The Music of Ian Carr: A Critical Discography’.
  • Stef Gijssels (See Issue 1)
  • David Grundy (See Issue 1)
  • Daniel Melnick (See Issue 1)
  • Tomasz Nadrowski runs ‘Sonic Asymmetry’ (, a blog chronicling some “extraordinary auditory experiences.”
  • Seth Watter has written on music and film for Dusted, WFMU, and Paracinema.
  • Mark Anthony Whiteford (See Issue 1)

Issue Three

  • Aaron Hicks makes his reviewing debut for ‘eartrip’ in this issue.
  • Stef Gijsells (See Issue 1)
  • David Grundy (See Issue 1)
  • Sandy Kindness (See Issue 1)
  • Ian Thumwood (See Issue 1)
  • Mark Anthony Whiteford (See Issue 1)

Issue Four

  • Nick Dart co-runs Hi4Head Records, which was founded in 2002 “to issue music of an enduring quality across a number of genres – music that deserves to be out there,” and has released performances by Trevor Watts, John Stevens and others.
  • David Grundy (See Issue 1)
  • Sandy Kindness (See Issue 1)
  • Oscar Lomas is a London-based saxophonist, flautist, bassoonist and bass-clarinettist, whose past and present projects have included ArkLove, STEK and The Cambridge Free Improvisation Society.
  • Ian Thumwood (See Issue 1)

Issue Five

  • David Grundy (See Issue 1)
  • Alexander Kindness (See Issue 1)
  • Daniel Larwood, a Cambridge University Graduate, is a member of TheCambridge Free Improvisation Society.
  • Maggie Nicols has been an active free-improvising vocalist, dancer, andperformer since the late 1960s. Her numerous groups and collaborations include the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Keith Tippett’s Centipede, the Feminist Improvising Group, and the trio Les Diaboliques, with pianist Irene Schweizer and bassist Joëlle Léandre.
  • Ian Thumwood (See Issue 1)
  • Seth Watter (See Issue 1)

Issue Six

  • Lutz Eitel is a freelance writer, editor and translator based in Leipzig, Germany. He works mostly on the contemporary art beat (building temples to capitalism at slave wages!) and blogs on
  • David Grundy (See Issue 1)
  • Ted Harms is a freelance writer and plays double bass. He lives in Kitchener, Ontario and is the founder of the VOC Silent Film Harmonic, an improv-based ensemble dedicated to accompanying silent films.
  • Alexander Kindness (See Issue 1)
  • Graham MacKeachan is based on the edge of London. He was involved with the Bristol Improvisers Collective and the LMC, and still plays with the trio Ghosts Before Breakfast.
  • Mark Anthony Whiteford (See Issue 1)

Issue Six

  • Seann Bonney a poet, co-runs the press Yt Communication with Frances Kruk. His published work includes ‘Baudelaire in English’, ‘Blade Pitch Control Unit’, ‘Document’, ‘The Commons’ and ‘Happiness: Poems after Rimbaud.’ More writing can be found at his blog:
  • Lutz Eitel (See Issue 6)
  • David Grundy (See Issue 1)
  • Ted Harms (See Issue 6)
  • Alexander Kindness (See Issue 1)

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