eartrip – issue 6

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It seems that a year has passed since the previous issue of ‘eartrip’ made its way into the world. Material has, however, been steadily accumulating during that time; this may have the side effect of creating rather an odd temporal balance, as reviews dating back to the first half of 2010 share space with pieces on a couple of concerts that took place only last month. But who’s to say that being constantly ‘up-to-date’ equates to any law of quality? Given this, it seems appropriate that the magazine’s cover should feature the image of a departed master of the music: saxophonist-ethnomusicologist-composer Marion Brown. An essay on his work, written shortly after his death last year, is included inside. Also within: a feature on British free improvising collectives; a video tour of Don Cherry‘s career; an essay on the visual art of Keith Rowe and Peter Brotzmann; and the usual array of views and reviews.

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