eartrip – issue 2

Hello again.

It’s been a while, but the long-promised second issue of ‘eartrip’ is here. Included are interviews with Hugh Hopper and Alexander Hawkins, an audio feature on Politics and Jazz, a defence of John Zorn, and a large reviews section which covers many recent jazz/improv CD releases/re-issues, as well as George Lewis’ excellent AACM book.

The magazine is available, in PDF Format, by going to the download link below:


Or to this alternate link:

Dick Bowman’s also put it up on his FTP server:

And finally, if you don’ want to do all that reading onscreen, you can get a print copy (A5, black and white) from lulu.com. The cost is £8.04, including postage. As with the first issue, this print option has been set up by Dick Bowman, to whom I’m very grateful, and neither he nor I get a profit – all the money goes to lulu.com.


The download link for Anthony Whiteford’s Politics and Jazz audio feature is included inside the magazine, but I thought I’d also make it available as an online stream: click the button and listen below.

Anyhow, enjoy and please leave feedback (either by email or as a blog comment).

David Grundy