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eartrip – issue 4


So, Issue 4 hits the internet…Inside this one, an interview with John Russell, the continuing adventures of Braxton and Desmond, an overview of the Headphonica net label, and, among the usual reviews sections,  reports on Ornette Coleman’s Meltdown Festival and Jazz a Vienne 2009.

Also, there’s another MP3 compilation album, entitled ‘Second Journey’ and featuring performances from (among others) Lee Noyes, Parallax and Massimo Magee. Details and download links to be found here:

The magazine itself awaits the collective clicks of your mice at the following locations:

As ever, comments, criticism, enquiries and suggestions may be sent to, or to the snail-mail address given inside the magazine.

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Studying Part II English at Cambridge University, I present 'One Step Beyond', a radio show on CUR1350 (Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin Student Radio), and am a member of The Cambridge Free Improvisation Society.

3 responses to “eartrip – issue 4

  1. Great stuff.

    You need more writers, definitely – it must be a lot of work for you. But it’s good work.

    Looking forward to the next issue!


  2. oh, thanks!
    or to say it by a quote:

    “Works of art themself are a process, and they unfold their essence in time. It is processual. Media of this art-unfolding are comments and criticism. One can realize the importance of the criticism for the unfolding of the works best by that history does not automatically, as it is still a very common stereotype, ensure that the veracity of the works is produced, but that the process, by which truth and falsity of the works is snatched from the poor randomness of the public favor and historical preferences, has his place in the explanatory contexts which criticism offers.”
    T.W. Adorno: “Reflexionen über Musikkritik” (Reflections on Music Criticism) in: Kaufmann “Symposion für Musikkritik” (1968), p.8

    [translated from german via]

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