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eartrip – the first issue


Well here it is – the first issue of ‘eartrip’, a new magazine focussing on jazz and experimental musics. In this issue, there are articles on jazz blogs, on New York bassist and composer William Parker, on the recent collaboration between Anthony Braxton and Cecil Taylor, and on free improvisation, as well as extensive album and gig review sections, and an interview with British jazz pioneers Mike and Kate Westbrook.

The magazine is available, in PDF Format, by going to the download link below:

Alternate link one:

Alternate link two:

Enjoy and please leave feedback (either by email or as a blog comment).

That’s it for now.

David Grundy

About dmgrundy

Studying Part II English at Cambridge University, I present 'One Step Beyond', a radio show on CUR1350 (Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin Student Radio), and am a member of The Cambridge Free Improvisation Society.

20 responses to “eartrip – the first issue

  1. Rod... ⋅

    Congratulations! A mighty achievement – and much thought-provoking material!

  2. Alex Hawkins ⋅

    David – really enjoyed this!

    Some nice, provocative writing. I thought the Cecil Taylor piece was fascinating (although I frequently disagreed with it: CT leaving the jazz tradition behind is something I simply can’t hear!). Was great to read a first-hand account of the trio ‘incident’ as well…I was totally astounded by the London performance, so to hear about the Italian sojourn was interesting. Sounds like those of us who heard London had it the best way; and what struck me about that night was that they were playing the music of a new ensemble, and not Taylor’s music or Braxton’s music as such. [p.s. on the subject of Braxton – absolutely great to see the primacy accorded the Iridium box, which I think is astonishing music.]

    Liked your thoughts on Polar Bear too. Quite how such a conservative, by-rote group can be up on the stand at the RFH, let alone on a bill with these masters, was beyond me. I think you got it absolutely right: the electronics were token in the extreme, and the ‘squawks’ such as they were were completely in the name of showboating and going through the motions: clearly not integrated into the players’ language. Heaven forbid that this band can be held up as some kind of figurehead for today’s young creative musicians in this country. ‘Not in my name’…;) The punk-jazz of that generation? Should all be made to listen to Hal Russell’s music of at last a quarter century ago, then see what they make of punk-jazz…[Rant over]

    But a great start! Really looking forward to keeping up with the publication. Any idea how frequent it’ll be?

    All best –


  3. david_grundy ⋅

    Not sure about frequency: as and when I can find the time to write stuff/contact people about writing stuff/collect stuff, I suspect. After all, it did take me about half a year in total to get the other one finally out there (though a lot of that was planning). I’ve been thinking about making it quarterly, that might be the best solution, but it may be more frequent than that – still weighing up my options!

    It does sound like London was better than Italy – maybe Braxton and Taylor just aren’t really suited – maybe it’s more of a personality than a music issue, I don’t know. I’m just glad I got the chance to see both of them in the flesh, and I must say I wasn’t disappointed.

    I hope to see one of your live performances soon, so a review may very well feature in the next issue!

  4. ish ⋅

    Thanks. I look forward to digesting this.

  5. bacoso ⋅

    d/loaded this and had a quick flip through.Looks like a labour of love to me.Loved the volume of album reviews and the Westbrook interview is great-thats as far as i have got.I’ll be spending the rest of the week poring over this no doubt.Your efforts deserve a publishing deal.Will link it up at oir shortly.
    btw couldn’t agree more with alex about polar bear-pretentious twaddle with the usual references to the “right” influences and punk jazz(yawn)

  6. olie brice ⋅

    looks really good, only flipped through so far but I’ll read the rest when I’ve time.
    Wanted to point out, though, re your review of the Paul Rutherford memorial concert, that Tony Marsh is a drummer and Nick Stephens a bassist, not the other way around…

  7. david_grundy ⋅

    oops, that’s the second error that’s been pointed out to me – I’ll put it (and any other mistakes people may spot!) in an ‘erratum’ section in the next issue.

  8. sambeck2001 ⋅

    My congatulations, too. Downloaded it already and had a short look over it. A lot of interesting articles in it, I presume.
    All the best wishes.


  9. bacoso ⋅

    sorry for the delay-I’ve just linked this up at oir.

  10. david_grundy ⋅

    thanks all for comments: and thanks bacoso for the OIR link

  11. chrisd ⋅

    Congratulations on a what looks to be a great first issue. I’m looking forward to poring over it this month.

    Oh, to hell with “influences”, anyway. What crap. Music is all about the heart, soul, aspirations and intellect of human beings. It has nothing to do with pedigree invented by critics who treat musicians like cattle!

  12. ghostrancedance ⋅

    Excellent first issue! Thank you for all of the hard work.

  13. Jiaao Yu ⋅

    Great content(though the magzine cover is a little…:-))!! Keep going!

  14. centrifuge ⋅

    nice one… plenty to absorb in there!

    the c.t. diary is one of the most meaningful pieces of music writing i’ve ever read – regardless of whether one agrees with the writer on this or that point, the extent to which he brought *himself* to the piece is a shining example for us all… he also continually zooms in on the centre of what’s happening, catches what’s most important – and when he can’t do that, admits it freely and moves on… i don’t know about anyone else, but this is exactly the sort of writing i like to read.

    it will take me a while to get through the rest (semi-immersed in my own stuff at present), but that’s a good thing too… wouldn’t be so encouraging if one could read it all in one sitting 😉

    congrats again, and let’s hope it’s the start of a longer story… {cork pops}{fizzzzz}

  15. david_grundy ⋅

    yes, the c.t. diary is rather special. a good deal more intimate than a lot of music criticism (including my own, probably!) but without being self-indulgent (I think that’s what you mean when you say “he brought *himself* to the piece”)

    the latest braxtonothon entry was really rather good too. perhaps rather perversely, the best music crit. makes you want to hear the actual music – back to the source! but that doesn’t detract from the writing, maybe it means it’s doing its job!

    I’ll probably be emailing soon.

  16. theinnersource ⋅

    I Just wanted say thank you for your obvious labour of love. A wonderful read! I posted a link to your site.

    Can’t wait for issue two!

  17. Raoul Duke ⋅

    Thank you – much appreciated!!! Good stuff, especially the article about blog culture!

  18. Frédito ⋅

    David, I don’t have enough time now to do and read what I would like to, but I’m sure to find a lot to be captivated in this impressive premiere issue.
    Thank you for all this work, and for the spotlight on H&H ; I feel really honored !

  19. upkerry14 ⋅

    Haven’t had a chance to read this yet but it sure looks interesting. Can we hear your radio show somehow/somewhere?

    cheers, bill

  20. david_grundy ⋅

    I upload MP3s of the show to:
    (You have to register with multiply to be able to hear them)

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